Fashionable Friends pt 1

Introducing my friend.. Jessica

Why I love the colour Black

I am often asked and almost criticised for always wearing all black. Whether it be going out, going to work or a special event nothing makes me happier than an all black, minimal outfit. Whether it’s black ripped jeans, pointy boots, a t-shirt and a leather jacket or trousers, flats and a jacket, black has always been my go to colour. This season I told myself I would add colour to my wardrobe and when making that attempt I started adding basic white collared shirts (in all shapes and sizes), brown suede button ups and printed shoes  (which I may add fit in perfectly to my all black wardrobe). I’ve come to a conclusion black is and always will be my shade of choice. Here are some reasons why I wear all black.

Why Wearing Black Is The Best Fashion Choice You Can Make?

 1. You don’t have to worry if your clothes match – even if you add a different colour to your look, it won’t matter, black goes with everything and anything.

2. Black has a slimming effect – When you wear black, virtually no shadows appear and lines are blurred, so this creates balance and a sleek visual appearance. Moreover, black absorbs light instead of reflecting it. As a result, you look slimmer in an instant.

3.Little black dresses are great choice for no matter what occasion– from weddings, funerals, job interviews, everyday outfits to special occasions, black dresses are classic

4.Black is a serious colour– so if you want to be taken more seriously, black is perfect to wear. It is more conservative and elegant than any other colour. 

 5.Black is great with any accessories– even if the accessories are a different colour, black always matches.

6. Same outfits can be worn several times– without anyone noticing.

7. Black is great with any accessories – even if the accessories are of a different colour, black will always match

8. It is chic and makes you look high fashion – especially if you adopt a nice suit that fits you perfectly.

9. Black is mysterious – because it is formal, cold and a serious colour it doesn’t give out a lot of someone’s personality, there will always be a sort of a mystery attached to black clothing.

10.It is a timeless colour– you know those people who look back at their life, reliving memories and can’t help but think, “WHAT WAS I WEARING?” When it comes to black, you’re never going to have regrets — I can guarantee that.


How to just…. RELAX

Since I can remember, I’ve always struggled with turning off my brain and relaxing. Whether it be taking a day off, booking a vacation or simply relaxing before bed. Life has been go go go, from student to career and so forth. We all have stresses and at times it feels like you can’t turn work, school and everything in between off. I’ve learned that taking time for yourself is crucial for one’s sanity. Whether it be going to the gym, turning your phone off, meditating or getting lost in a book-turning your mind off and just RELAXING  is a must.

Here are some of my favourite ways to Relax…


  1. Turning off my phone, hiding out in my room and reading my favourite book always does the trick. It helps me not think about work, school and my schedule for the next day. I try and do this almost every evening. Not only does it allow me to de-stress it helps put me to sleep.
  2. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to learn how to meditate. It’s harder than it sounds and I have yet to master it. Did you know, meditation helps with aging, increases happiness, improves the functioning of your brain, helps you have a good night sleep, improves your metabolism, increases your attention span along with tons of other benefits.
  3. Working out- from yoga, to boxing to running. Working out is the best way to relax. It helps you forget about your day, motivates you and automatically makes you happy.

giphy (1)

If none of these three methods for relaxation work… Here is my secret weapon….Dancing!!

Whenever I’m sad, stressed or am feeling anxious I turn on my favourite song, block out all thoughts and go to my happy place. I promise it will work.

What are you favourite ways to Relax and de-Stress?


Music Mondays pt 2

This past week I had the most relaxing and nostalgic time with my mom, dog and grandma visiting the city that I grew up in, Edmonton. Growing up I was always into music and dancing, from taking dance classes to going out to my friends dance bar and hearing the latest house DJS. Edmonton’s music scene ( for being a much smaller city than Toronto) is in many ways ahead of it’s time.

Here are some tracks to get you through the week

  1. Jasper- Got you
  2. Metric- Gimme Sympathy (Acoustic)
  3. Drake- Controlla
  4. Mark Farina- Get Underground
  5. Youth-Daughter
  6. Classix-Bird of Prey ft Joe Keefe
  7. Falqo- Across the Sea
  8. Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson- Say Say Say Dragon
  9. Whitney- No Woman
  10. Zhu- In the Morning

Spruce up your Skin Regime


In the past year I have become border line obsessed with skin care. I believe it is almost as important as the foods you eat. I read a quote last year “Be good to your skin, you’ll wear it everyday, for the rest of your life” – Renee. It got me thinking, we spend so much money on make up, hair and clothes, why don’t we invest in ourselves starting from the inside out.  Here are a few of my tips and tricks that will have your face feeling fresh, glowing and healthy.

  1. You don’t have to spend  a lot on store bought face masks. Try an Avacado Face Mask- use a full avacado and two spoons of honey. Mix it all together, let it sit for 5 mins and put it all over your face. I usually leave it on for about 15-20 mins. This mask is full of natural nutrients and will leave your skin feeling fresh, hydrated and smooth.

Two of my favourite brands when it comes to skin care are VICHY and OLE Heinreksen. Vichy is known for being carefully created by scientist to target anti aging in the most practical way, while OLE Heinreksen is a natural brand which also focuses on anti aging. The prices for both brands is relatively low and ranges from $15-$75 depending on the product and size.


Tasty Tuesdays pt 1

One of my passions in life has always been healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. Whether it be boxing, yoga and anything in between I have a love for holistic health and nutrition. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost five years now and gluten free for almost three and I love nothing more than discovering new vegan spots to eat around the city. This fabulous eatery is located on Richmond and Spadina at 140 Spadina Avenue. When checking it out online it spoke to be right away “Meatless and Wheatless” which is exactly my diet. Their mission statement says ” FAST FOOD SHOULD NOT MEAN BAD FOOD.” Which is something I strongly believe in. Just because we have less time to sit and eat does not mean we have less time to eat well!

I was excited for my meal and as soon as I sat down and looked at the menu I wanted everything. I ended up ordering the FIRST CANADIAN PLACE  salad bowl which consisted of organic quinoa, organic tempeh, organic kale, roasted yam, pomegranate, beets, carrots, rainbow radish, purple cabbage, white cabbage, organic sprouts, sunflower and sesame seeds with maple chia sauce.




Music Mondays

My cold/flu has finally come to an end and heres to hoping that spring is ACTUALLY around the corner. Music has always been a big part of who I am, whether it be indie, hip hop, house and techno I love anything that puts a smile on my face and makes me want to dance. You know they say dancing dancing cures the blues, and I don’t know about you but this long winter season has put me in a semi permanent gloomy mood. I hope these songs brighten up your day and take whatever blues you may have AWAY!

  1. Lost in the Light- Bahamas
  2. Formation- Beyonce
  3. Goodbye- Feder ft Lyse
  4. LA Confidential – Tory Lanez
  5. Learn from Eachother -Majid Jordan
  6. The BPM Podcast 35- Mark Farina
  7. Detroit- Volkodore
  8. Ryan Adams covers of Taylor Swifts 1989 Album

ps- This album by Ryan Adams of Covers from Taylor Swifts album is one of the best I’ve heard in a while. I personally am not a fan of Taylor Swift and found some of her songs to be redundant and annoying but after listening to Ryan Adams sing them I have had the album on repeat for days.



Music Around the city : This Thursday my good friend Molly aka ChurchOfMolly will be playing at Bambis. Join her for some dance music, techno and everything in between. She will surely make you dance and put a smile on your face.


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Dreaming of Warmer Weather

I know we aren’t really allowed to complain this year in regards to the weather (we’ve been pretty lucky with the warmer temperatures and little snow fall in comparison to the rest of the country), but I’m going to anyways. I miss the sun, laying at Trinity Belwoods, tanned skin, patios and everything in between. I feel like the past two weeks it has been nothing but grey skies, wind, cold temperatures and snow fall. It’s hard leaving your apartment when it’s dark out and coming home and still you see no sun and dark skies. I’m starting to feel a bit like a vampire. I’ve even started cleaning my closet and bringing out some summer outfits to make me feel like summer is around the corner. What’s worst is now when you look in stores we’re starting to see spring wear, but spring is no where to be found. Here is to be nostalgic and dreaming of warmer days.




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